All We Want For Christmas

♫ It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year ♫ (Of course the classic Andy Williams version)


Hey Ya”ll! We know if you are anything like us, you are pretty much preparing for the upcoming Holidays!  This time of the year and season we can get so busy from planning to travel, getting gifts for friends and loved ones, to planning all the ugly Christmas sweater parties.  In doing so, we can lose sight on what is the true purpose of this season.

So with that, we wanted to give you three tips for this Holiday Season:

      1.  Spend Time with the Family & Cherish the Moments

This is something we all should do because family is important. Make the time to spend it with them. If you don’t have any family, then spend it with your friends. The point of it all, you should show gratitude to those who are close with you and who have always been there. These are the times where you cherish every bit of moments with them.


      2.  What To Do When You Receive a Bad Gift

THROW IT AWAY!!!! LOLOLOLOL……but for real…Be sure to smile and receive it with gladness. That person or persons took the time to think about you enough to get you a gift. Now, after you have brought it home, it’s up to you to do whatever you want with it.  Whatever you sow, that shall you also reap! So choose wisely on how to receive a bad gift.


3.   The REAL Reason for the Season

In case you forgot, the REAL reason for this Season, is none other then celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ! He is the true and only reason we celebrate Christmas. So don’t EVER forget it!


We hope everyone has a very, Merry Christmas! Image result for christmas tree emoji




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