It’s Inspirational Monday!


Do you know what that means??? Yep! Let’s get FOCUSED!  Focus on your goals, your dreams, your vision.  You can even focus on a smaller scale on your monthly, weekly, and daily goals.  You have to purpose to focus in order to be successful in your endeavors.  And to do this, here are several ways you can focus:



Start off by creating a To-Do List of all the necessary items you have to get completed.  This can be a daily, weekly, and monthly list; however, we recommend you start off with doing a daily To-Do List.  And when you write it, do it the night before your day starts so you will be able to dump all your information onto your list, so when you wake up in the morning, you will be free to focus.  Go out and buy you a really nice journal/calendar.  When you are organized, it makes a HUGE difference!



After you have created your To-Do list, schedule out your day, week, and month.  This can help you remain on schedule and will be able to aid you in completing your tasks.  Also, set “reasonable” expectations when creating your schedule.  If you know you need at least an hour to do a specific task, do not schedule yourself 15 minutes to do it. Let’s keep it real with ourselves!



In order to remain focus, it is imperative that you avoid distractions.  Distractions can be anything from browsing the internet, checking emails, talking to people, social media, and even a noisy environment.  Take the time to assess what easily distracts you, and take the necessary steps to ensure that whatever distracts you won’t hinder your focus.


So choose NOT to be scattered.

Let’s Get Focused!


Listen to Episode #17 of the Girlfriend’s Podcast where you can access five more ways to remain FOCUSED!



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