Out the Box in Old Town


Happy Monday Ya’ll! We had an eventful Saturday.  Remember on last Monday, how we talked about stepping out of our comfort zone and doing things that will take us to another level of success in our lives???  Well guess what?!  We did just that!

On this past Saturday, we were invited to take a tour of Old Town.  Old Town is an iconic walking district full of shops, rides, food and entertainment and is located right in Kissimmee, Florida.  It’s specifically located on 192 in Kissimmee, minutes from Disney, Universal, Sea World and International Drive.  It has 50 unique shops, restaurants, bars, and family friendly amusements.

Right now, they are doing some major renovations which will include an 85′ Ferris wheel which will be completed in 2017.  We had a blast….literally (because we just LOVE the Florida heat….right?!…NOT!)!  lol….Any who, they took us on a tour down Main Street, and we even got to enjoy Fun Spot which is also located right in Old Town!  By the way, we were able to bring our husbands and kids along with us, so this made it even better!  Our kids enjoyed the scenery and even enjoyed some of the amusement rides at Fun Spot.

We would have to say that this was totally out of the box for us. Had this been a year ago, we would have not even bothered to go.  But now, in this season of our lives, we are glad we took the BOLD step to come out of our comfort zone to experience something new.  Heck, we even got a chance to meet other mommy bloggers.  Who knew that once you decide to step outside of your comfort zone, your circle of people you knew could expand.

What are you willing to do to step out of your comfort zone?




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