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♫ It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year ♫ (Of course the classic Andy Williams version)   Hey Ya"ll! We know if you are anything like us, you are pretty much preparing for the upcoming Holidays!  This time of the year and season we can get so busy from planning to travel, getting gifts for friends and loved ones, to planning all the ugly Christmas sweater parties.  In doing so, we can lose sight on what is the true purpose of this...

  Happy Monday Ya'll! We had an eventful Saturday.  Remember on last Monday, how we talked about stepping out of our comfort zone and doing things that will take us to another level of success in our lives???  Well guess what?!  We did just that! On this past Saturday, we were invited to take a tour of Old Town.  Old Town is an iconic walking district full of shops, rides, food and entertainment and is located right in Kissimmee, Florida.  It's specifically located...

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